“Newborn babies do not have sleep problems, but their parents do.  Newborns sleep when they are tired, and wake when they are ready. If their schedule conflicts with yours, it’s not a problem for them; they don’t even know it.”   Elizabeth Pantley 

Infant Sleep Classes
Are you an exhausted parent that has tried everything and cannot get your baby to sleep? Do you want to find a solution that is not crying it out? I will be creating a space for parents to follow their instincts when it comes to their new baby, which will allow them to set the stage for optimal brain development. I want to spread the word that babies wake up through the night, and for good reason. I’d like to share the other side of the sleep story!   By identifying individual and family needs, creating support systems and providing a safe place for parents to share stories that support evidence-based sleep patterns. Bring your baby, have some tea and create community.  Babies are welcome and encouraged  to attend class Register at www.ottawacea.com/sleep 

Our next four-week sleep class is running on  October 3-24, 2019     

Face-time Assessment
A detailed assessment will be taken of your child’s sleep patterns and where your family is struggling.
I will offer a range of options, addressing safe sleep spaces, safe emotional and physical sleep, incorporating all sensory triggers, and utilizing your support system to the fullest, identifying options for growth.  I will offer you a review of our discussion and the options for further education, reading, support and growth.
Investment $100 +hst

Who this is for: families who would like someone on one support that supports your attachment parenting style, responding to baby both day and night.  You would like additional suggestions for safe bed sharing,  transitions between different sleep environments, transitions in lifestyle – back to work and childcare or suggestions for optimizing and expanding your parenting to sleep strategies.

Sleep Education for Organizations
This personalized service is best suited for:
Staff or groups at child-focused organizations or agencies (Early Years Centres)
What do we discuss?
Normal infant or toddler sleep patterns
Creating safe sleep spaces
Creating healthy attitudes about sleep & addressing realistic expectations
Strategies to soothe & parent your baby to sleep
Night time parenting & day time support systems