Being a new parent can be both exciting and hard
I truly believe that it takes an entire community to raise our children and nurture ourselves. I am a mother to a 21-year-old, 18-year-old and 15-year-old twins! Having four beautiful children while living in Ottawa, inspired me to provide families with exceptional postpartum education & support. I know that many of the families that move to Ottawa find themselves without a sense of community that is necessary for the parents and their children.

I have been providing education & support to families for over twenty years.
After receiving my Social Service Worker Diploma in 1993 I knew that I wanted to support individuals and families to live very full and rewarding lives. My background in mental health services and Postpartum life has provided me with an incredibly strong understanding of how many of us experience the various stages of life.

It is easy to forget to plan for the postpartum plan, prenatally. Together, we can emotionally, and physically prepare for “life after baby arrives”.
In 1999, I started offering prenatal classes at the Ottawa Childbirth Education Association (OCEA). During this time I noticed that there was a gap in parenting resources, particularly during the postpartum period.  It’s an exciting time! In 2004, we designed the Bringing Baby Home class, offered through OCEA to address life after baby.

Self-care comes in many forms, having time left over at the end of the week allows parents to have time to spend on the things that matter most.
I want to make sure that every family that I work with has a rewarding experience whatever that may look like. I am here to openly and gently guide you through all of the expected and unexpected transitional changes that come up during the postpartum period. Additionally, I am here to provide postpartum care, sleep support & education to families so that self-care is a priority for everyone.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little bit. I would love to know more about you! Send me a message 

In addition to formal post secondary, Erin has attended numerous workshops including:
Sleep Educator Certification bebo mia inc.
Bond Conference focussing on Child, Family attachments and Community Health
Birth and Beyond Conference
La Leche League Leader Training
Dr. Jack Newman Breastfeeding
LGTBQ Welcoming and Celebrating Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity In Families
CAPPA Changing Geographies: Smoothing the Birth and Postpartum Landscapes
DONA Postpartum Doula Training
Multiple Birth Conference

Ottawa Valley Lactation Consultant (OVLC) Conference
Planned Parenthood Ottawa Training
Uniting for Birth Lamaze & ICEA Megaconference Uniting for the Future of Birth (2010)
CPSAC Car Seat Technician training

Professional memberships:
College of Social Service Workers
CPR certified trainer Heart and Stroke
police records check for the vulnerable population

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