Self care comes in many forms, having time left over at the end of the week allows parents to have time to spend on the things that matter most.

My Services

Postpartum Doula

We all need a helper during different times of our lives. I can provide you and your family with comprehensive postpartum care support so that you can focus on spending time on the things that matter to you most! From grocery shopping & meal prep to holiday packing & unpacking, I will be the extra set of hands that you need to achieve balance in your home life.

Sleep Education

A positive sleep environment and experience is a crucial part of everyone’s wellness. Together, we examine the needs of you and your family so that the entire household is able to achieve optimal sleep. This is not sleep training. My Sleep Education packages provide you and your family with all of the necessary tools to make choices that best reflect your values.  

CPR Training

With over 18 years of experience as a CPR instructor, I offer private or group classes so that you can get certified in the comfort of your own home. CPR training can be a triggering experience for a lot of people. I am especially sensitive to the needs of those who have trauma to unpack. And of course, babies are always welcome to join us!